Our mission is to support the development and independence of children with Down syndrome and children with similar education programming needs, alongside peer role models, using individualized early childhood intervention.

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Why Should You Apply For Admission?

ELB believes that every child can succeed when their strengths are recognized. We believe that children should learn and play together experiencing the differences and similarities of each other in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our Principles
Family Inclusion Family Inclusion
Developmentally Appropriate Developmentally Appropriate
Focused on Success and Independence Focused on Success and Independence

"I cannot say enough great things about ELB. I know each teacher by name and feel comfortable reaching out to them with any questions via the Brightwheel app. I especially appreciate photos, and the daily reports documenting how each day is spent. My child has learned topics such as: gross/fine motor skills, communication, literacy, music, and most importantly how to be a kind, caring, gentle friend. I trust that my child is safe while in the care of ELB staff."
- Danica

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A Parent, An Advocate

Jana shares a piece of her heart with you in this week’s blog. We hope that you will learn something new and help us celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on 3/21/24!

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Motricidad Fina 4

Motricidad Fina 4

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Do you only take kids with Down syndrome?

No, our program is inclusive which means we have students with and without disabilities.

Is Down syndrome the only disability you educate at your school?

No, we have children with other disabilities but we specialize in Down syndrome.

How much is tuition?

Tuition is $540 a month for 10 months.

What are your hours?

Drop-off begins at 8:00 am and children should begin their routine by 8:20 am. Early drop-off is available with prior notice.

Pick-up begins at 2:45 pm and all students should be picked up by 3:00 pm. After Care is available from 3:00 pm to 6 pm for an additional charge.

How much is After Care?

$15 per day or $50 per week

How many kids are in a class?

We have a 3 students to 1 teacher ratio and the most we will have in a class is 10 students with 3 adults.

What makes ELB different from a daycare?
  • Our Lead teachers are certified teachers or in the process of becoming licensed teachers.
  • We use research-based curriculums to educate our students in developmentally appropriate activities: Teaching Strategies, - Mother Goose Time, and Handwriting Without Tears.
  • We maintain a small student:teacher ratio.
  • We have an affiliation with UTEP to provide speech language activities and occupational activities to our students.
  • We include students with disabilities in our program.
  • We allow service providers like ECI and outside therapists to provide services to children at school.
  • We follow an academic calendar and daily structured routine in all classes.
Can I come see the school?

Yes, we love to take parents and their child(ren) on a tour of the school in the mornings from 8:30-11:00 am. Please call (915)875-0510 to schedule an appointment.

Do you need volunteers?

We love to have volunteers! For volunteers interested in spending time around the children, we will need some information to run a background check. Email info@everylittleblessing.org to let us know what kind of volunteer opportunity you’re looking for and your availability. Please put VOLUNTEER in the subject like for quicker response.

Do you provide lunch?

No, but we do provide a healthy morning snack to encourage independent eating skills, new foods, and social modeling.

Do you take CCS?

Yes, we are an approved CCS Provider - El Paso Special Needs Education Center

Do you give discounts?

Yes, we give discounts to families with multiple children. We give discounts to families that travel more than 6 miles.

Do you have scholarships?

We do offer scholarships to families that show financial need. Families must apply to CCS first.

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